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Kylie Jenner Fans Are Donating Money To Help Her Become A Billionaire

A few days ago Kylie Jenner debuted her Forbes magazine cover labeling herself as the youngest star to be on track becoming a self-made billionaire ever. Her self-titled cosmetics line is what brought on millions and since she hasn’t ficially hit the billion-dollar mark, her fans are tossing up their coins to get her there.   The GoFundMe page was

YouTube Removes Multiple Accounts For Promoting Twitch Streams

YouTube and Twitch are two the most popular outlets for streamers. Youtube usually focuses on content outside the gaming world, and Twitch almost exclusively focuses on the gaming community, so the crossover consumers has never been a significant issue before. Ever since YouTube started dabbling in the gaming world though, things have changed. Twitch has also

Police Called To LeSean McCoy's Home 3 Times Before Break-In

Police in Milton, Georgia have released reports today regarding multiple domestic disputes at the home LeSean McCoy, including one instance where the Buffalo Bills running back accused his girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, refusing to return borrowed high-end jewelry. Earlier this week, Cordon was brutally beaten and robbed said jewelry. According to ESPN, she told police she

NY Rapper "Young Ash" Accused Of Scamming Innocent People With Check Fraud

The Gothamist has learned that a up-and-coming New York rapper by the name Young Ash has been leading a check fraud racket for some time now. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office announced the indictment 6 individuals including herself, in connection with the check forging scheme, responsible for at least 52 fake signatures totaling $62,500. Young Ash, who

"Rick And Morty" Are Dropping An Album

It looks like it’s time to get schwifty. Rick and Morty overtook Family Guy, The Simpsons, and South Park as the most popular adult cartoon among millennials. The intelligent yet crude comedy uses the existence several universes to create an epic sci-fi adventure that walks the line between fensive and hilarious. Morty, a young naive student, and Rick, an alcoholic

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