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The Year of Sad Melancholy Dominated a Lot of Artistic Expression in 2017

Artists responded in different ways to tumultuous recent events. Some turned up the party, some expressed their rage outwardly, while others responded more internally. Here are five excellent albums that embraced sadness as a means expression.   Julien Baker Turn Out the Lights (Matador) For Julien Baker, sadness is no cause for despair. She instead

'Empire' Season 4 Finale Recap

reactid=”130″> The Empire season finale was a lot. Andre's sedated while doctors are trying to rid his system the psychotropic drugs Diana DuBois put in his system. Hakeem is still fighting to get Bella back; Jamal is conflicted about Warren; Cookie's on a war path; Lucious wants revenge; and everyone's hit with a twist that

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