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Exclusive: Actor Sterling K. Brown Talks New Movie “Marshall”

“Marshall” Is In Theaters Oct. 13 Actor Sterling K. Brown spoke about what it took to play a flawed man accused raping his white female employer in the 1940s South in his new film, “Marshall.” In it, Thurgood Marshall (Chadwick Bozeman) defends Brown’s character, and Brown said many the themes that “Marshall” tackles still resonate

Stream Wu-Tang Clan’s The Saga Continues

I don’t know that anybody necessarily expected a new Wu-Tang project featuring nearly the entire original lineup, but here we are. Helmed by producer Mathematics and executive-produced by RZA, the two lead singles from The Saga Continues were both excellent and bode well for the rest the album. Guests include Redman, Chris Rivers and the

Young Trap – Dance With You

Artist Young Trap has delivered a series albums with an intense mix hypnotic sounds over the last five years or so. The layers dance define the flavor, and the hints pop keep things light enough to balance the deeply resonating beat. His record label Debonaire Music Group is distributed by Sony Music. His new single

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