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Chingy Signs New Deal With Bungalo Records

Mike Pont/Stringer, Getty s It’s been nearly 10 years since Chingy last released a studio album, but it appears the rapper is gearing up for another project after signing a new deal with Bungalo Records. The rapper’s new label distributes exclusively through Universal Music Group and will give him full control over his content. “I’m so honored to

Eminem’s Battle Cry: “We F!*#ing Hate Trump”

BETNetworks YouTube Since the election Donald Trump, political pundits and generally decent people everywhere continue to grapple with exactly who voted for—and continue to support—the worst president in modern history. Despite the missteps; daily chaos, erratic tweets fired f at 3 a.m., man-child temper tantrums and his overall propensity to repeatedly damn himself into the

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