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Scene De La Vallee, Montreal QC, August 1


It took Alvvays a little longer than expected to pinpoint their sound issue before they could begin their set. But the power of positive thinking, matched with the unruly cheers of anxious fans allowed them to jump right in and make up for lost time. On “Next Of Kin,” Molly Rankin’s vocals beamed in the midst of gloomy skies, while her sun-drenched riffs kept the rain at bay, as the crowd watched with big smiles and eyes glued to the stage. “We saw Pavement for the first time at Osheaga a long time ago. I still remember you guy with the purple bandana and I still hate you,” said Rankin after greeting a roaring crowd. Their trip down memory lane was proceeded by “Atop Of Cake,” a hearty slice of fuzzed-out jangle pop the crowd ate up right until “Party Police” had everyones big chants quickly turn into a field wide sing-along. When her fellow guitarist and bassist joined Rankin in a three-way shred fest on “Adult Diversion,” the reverb soaked finale saw crowd surfers ride the crisp waves of feedback right up to the front, as the crowd bounced wildly and Alvvays thunderous ovation was met with an actual storm just moments before waving good-bye to the crowd.