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Cactus Flower

‘Magic Hour’ (album stream) Putting a modern spin on soulful, vintage folk music, Halifax-based singer-songwriter Jessica Lewis is set to release her debut album as Cactus Flower at the end of the week. Before Magic Hour officially lands, though, Exclaim! is giving you the chance to stream it in its entirety.
The album was recorded at Halifax institution Echo Chamber with engineer Dave Ewenson, and features guest work from musicians like Levon Campbell on keyboards (Hymm), Evan Cardwell on bass (Bad Vibrations) and Asa Brosius on pedal steel (JP Harris, Dark for Dark, Rose Cousins). They craft a sound that’s unique and refreshing, but undeniably harkens back to an earlier era when the Byrds, Harry Nilsson and the Monkees reigned supreme.
Songs like opener “China Blue” and “Summertime” showcase Lewis’ ability to deliver laidback, simple and soft folk ballads, while the previously heard “Darkest Hour,” “Cola” and “Lose Your Head” reveal a more playful, psychedelic approach.
You can follow the full 10-track offering on its winding, experimental and always enjoyable journey by giving it an early listen in the player below before Magic Hour arrives on July 24.