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Mainstage, Sackville NB, August 1


“What is this for?” asked Carmen Elle, remarking the taut wire near the band and mimicking tightrope walking with her fingers. This began the spectacle DIANA would produce on stage at SappyFest and one of the few activities they did not partake in during their varied circus act of synth-pop.

Songs familiar to the audience were more funky and soulful on stage than on record, but it was easy to lose track as they bounced between songs both dancey and ambient, new and old. The electronic elements were still very present, however, and DIANA were having a party on stage that we were all invited to. While they interacted with the crowd, the band traded gestures and winks towards one another as they jumped from one love song to another. The band’s attitude matched the chilled vibe of many of their songs and the fun they were having was palpable. At times, it was as if the crowd were witnessing a version of DIANA’s practice sessions and the genuine appreciate they have for each other’s presence was well evidenced. As the “Perpetual Surrender” chorus remarks, DIANA “don’t need somebody else to let [them] know how much I love you.”