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Exclaim!’s Top 27 Albums of 2015 So Far

With 2015’s midway point (ever so slightly) in the rearview, we’ve decided to take a look back at what already feels like a banner year for music: two Afro-Cuban twins from Paris wove their traditional music through modern hip-hop and electronic sounds; a solemn UK indie kid waxed gorgeously nostalgic about a golden age of rave he didn’t even live through; Southern blues rock got a much-needed injection of Sound & Color; every song on a surprise album (mixtape?) charted on the Billboard Hot 100.

It was all too much for us to boil 2015 down to 25 of the best albums so far, so we cut it where we could reasonably afford to, at 27. And so, without further ado: Exclaim!’s Top 27 Albums of 2015 So Far.

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Exclaim!’s Top 27 Albums of 2015 So Far: