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Fake Tears



Nightshifting is the debut record from Fake Tears, a Vancouver synth-pop duo featuring veteran singer-songwriters Larissa Loyva and Elisha May Rembold. Loyva and Rembold cut their teeth in such notable acts as the Choir Practice and Shimmering Stars, amongst others. The album was produced by fellow West Coaster Jay Arner, and is being released on legendary Vancouver imprint Mint Records.
Nightshifting is chock full of buzzing, ’80s-ish electro-pop tracks: “14 Storeys” would have been a perfect backing track for a heartbreak montage in a John Hughes film, and “Rite of the First Night” sounds like a bizarro tribute to Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It To My Heart.” When Fake Tears give us a hint that there is something sinister lurking beneath the pop veneer — see the spoken word interludes on the excellent “Uncanny Valley” — things get very interesting. But on the more mid-tempo, ethereal sounding tracks like “Small Fires” and “You Want the Light,” there is less to love. Both Loyva and Rembold have nice voices, and they team up for some very pretty harmonies, but several moments on Nightshifting could use more of an edge.
Fake Tears bring plenty of compelling malice and humour to some standout songs on Nightshifting (see the aforementioned “Uncanny Valley” as well as “Night Box”), even if the energy flags at times and hinders the record as a result. (Mint)