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Iris Stryx’s New Single “Island Girl” Review

Iris Stryx ends 2016 with a big splash.  Iris’ latest single release “Island Girl” offers more of that fresh Caribbean vibe taking over the hip-hop game today!  The song featuring Zorenzo, delivers scene after scene of the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, while she playfully displays her own version of the popular dancehall – hip hop sound.


The first waves of her lyrical versatility hit Miami, two years ago when she released her mixtape on SoundCloud. Ever since, she has been going hard in the studio.  Often, giving us video snippets of her work on her IG (@IrisStryx) and YouTube channel; each showing her spitting fire as she rapped and sang her fierce emotions.


So, it came as a surprise when she cooled us down with “Island Girl”.  A fun single infused with a mix of colorful language and beats.  What separates her from all the other hip-hop artists has to be her unique lyrics.  Lyrics that merge American slangs with her Caribbean words delivered with a Bahamian accent.


The hip-hop music scene will have to make room for one more Island Girl.  Iris has a bright future ahead of her.  Make sure to have a listen to her single,