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Jimmy Jazz, Guelph ON, July 16


Closing out the second night of Incline/Decline, as the only band from south of the border on the festival’s bill, Brooklyn’s JOBS  (formerly Killer Bob) delighted audiences and surprised uninformed barflies with a free set of adventurous polyrhythmic sprawls and angular, math-y meditations.
Drummer Max Jaffe, bassist Rob Lundberg and guitarist Dave Scanlon handled vocals democratically throughout the night, a tactic that allowed you to variably peg their sound as dreamy (Scanlon), angsty (Lundberg) and severe (Jaffe). They closed the night with killer BOB sings centrepiece “Rhythm Changes,” a fractured, precision-demanding piece of stop-and-go complication involving a tongue twister of a mantra that tangles their voices together into a harmonic hum.