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Lesson Unlearned? Paula Deen In Hot Water For Posting Photo Of Son In Brownface

Paula Deen may still be recovering from last year’s leaked deposition that revealed her use of the N-word and affinity for slave-themed weddings, but that didn’t stop the celebrity chef from getting herself embroiled in yet another insensitive controversy.

On Tuesday, a photo of Deen and son Bobby (in full brownface) portraying Lucy and Ricky Ricardo from the show I Love Lucy popped up on her Twitter account, sparking outrage and criticism from those who just can’t believe she’s managed to offend minorities yet again.

YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANT HIDE @Paula_Deen pic.twitter.com/y7QszwL4A6

— perks of being lit (@cornbreadsays) July 7, 2015

Paula Deen can’t be serious… she didn’t learn her lesson the first time?

— Ni. (@nieneeers) July 7, 2015

Oh my god Paula Deen. Look, you need some money to hire a PR person that controls what you say and tweet. Stop. — John Paul Green (@JohnPaulGreen) July 7, 2015

But not everyone thought the 2011 photograph from a Halloween-themed episode of Deen’s now canceled Food Network show Paula’s Best Dishes was offensive. It’s #TransformationTuesday, after all.

It’s all about content, was she being racist here, No! Paula Deen is Lucy and he’s Ricki or Ricki Jr. What the hell people.

— Cyndy (@Sweetp000433) July 7, 2015

Liberals are now offended by costumes. Can’t make this kinda stupid up. #PaulaDeen

— ✨SafeWord: Apples ✨ (@SafeWordApples) July 7, 2015

And as CNN points out, many of Deen’s fans took to Facebook to comment under the now-deleted picture, calling it “adorable” and “cute.”

Deen and Bobby, whose own southern-style show still appears on the Food Network, have remained mum about the latest controversy. But in a country that has long used black and brownface to dehumanize and mock minorities, she can’t stay silent for long about the hurtful action.

Looks like Paula’s the one that has some explaining to do.

SOURCE: Mashable, CNN | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter