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Mac DeMarco

“I’ve Been Waiting for Her” Following last week’s surprise release of Mac DeMarco‘s freebie barbecue soundtrack, Some Other Ones, the lo-fi popsmith is putting the focus back on his forthcoming Another One mini-LP. While you’ll have to wait until next month for the collection to hit stores, you can stream the release’s soothing “I’ve Been Waiting for Her” right now.

The track features the songwriter’s patented warped and wavy guitar tones, but DeMarco also rifles off a hot-wired, whammy bar-employing solo mid-song. His Vaseline-slathered croon, meanwhile, gets extra smooth as he details his fondness for the alluring, rhythmic beating of his titular figure’s heart.

You can hear DeMarco’s pleasantly pumped soft rock single down below, while Another One official hits retailers August 7 through Captured Tracks.