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Omie Max

“ybdy” Atlanta producer Omie Max is gearing up for the release of his new The Recovery Tapes EP, a mini-release made following the death of his mother. Before the reflective release drops in full, you can sample the first twitchy and tributary single, “ybdy.”

The song has been crafted together using undulated synth waves, various seashell-clacking percussive tones, and quickly clipped snippets of female vocals. It’s a heady track, and you can be submerged by the personal tune in the stream down below.

Of The Recovery Tapes, Omie Max said in a statement : “It’s the accumulated efforts of a year spent in distress, wonder, uncertainty, anger, and above all else, a year spent in mourning. It’s recovery translated through music. It’s all I know and all I can give to one that means more to me now than I knew before her passing.”

The Recovery Tapes arrives in full July 25.