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Suicide Euphoria


Some things just shouldn’t be committed to tape; they’re too dark to be inflicted upon the world. Exhibit A: Pissgrave’s Suicide Euphoria, which falls somewhere between the inspiration for a brutal slaughter and the soundtrack to its perpetrator’s descent into madness.
The latest LP from the depraved depths of Philadelphia’s death metal scene is old school in the same way that bringing a rusty hacksaw to take a life is; it’s stripped of any bells and whistles.
Of course, the main weapon wielded here is death metal, coming closest to the sound of Incantation or Teitanblood, in terms of peers. Sure, there are some other genre tags that will likely be thrown around, such as grindcore (appropriate only because of the sheer unrelenting nature of this beast) and doom (a fitting description of the band’s sound in terms of mood and motivation) but the end result is still fatal. (Profound Lore)