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The Helio Sequence

“Battle Lines” (video) Pacific Northwest indie pop mainstays the Helio Sequence have been keen on offering up colourful animated videos to promote their spring-released self-titled album. They’re keeping pace throughout the summer, having just let loose a rotoscoped piece of whimsy behind the record’s “Battle Lines.”

While the track itself plays out via relaxed dance-rock grooves and diamond glitter guitar lines, the visuals are noticeably busier. As you’ll see down below, ink and paint swirls about the screen to form, if only for a micro-second, various figures.

Elsewhere, a hand-drawn body dances through a PeeWee’s Playhouse-inspired room of geometric decor, while animator Emanuele Kabu has traced over a real-time performance from the Helio Sequence and covered it in neon rays of light.

You’ll find the ever-shifting animated video down below.