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Willis Earl Beal

‘Noctunes’ (album stream) Enigmatic experimenter Willis Earl Beal has had a bit of a rough lead-up to his album Noctunes, as he recently spent a couple of weeks in jail on charges of criminal mischief and harassment. Now, he’s putting that behind him by streaming his album in full.

The album makes good on the nocturnal implications of its title, as it begins with the ambient sprawl of the softly crooned opener “Under You.” From there, the synth textures throughout the LP are pillowy and Beal’s crooning is warm and soothing, while a few electronic beats slightly spice up the soundscape from time to time.

In a statement, Beal had previously said, “I had only ever wanted to make lullabies.” With this, he’s achieved his goal.

Hear the album below . It’s officially out on August 28 via Tender Loving Empire.