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Mary J. Blige Huffs Disco Salt On "Only Love"

Mary J. Blige is a real bounce-back candidate for “love.”

Mary J. Blige has covered every spec dust concerning the topic “love” in over 30 years service. The real mark genius occurs when an artists fails to follow their own logic. Take Mary J. as a worthy specimen: in 1992 she stated her definition “Real Love” as a heartfelt point inspiration. Then she spent the next 30 years going back on her word.

Her and meth played Tami and Marvin on “You’re All I Need” and the subsequent remix. With young hearts waiting on standby for reanimation Blige has pushed aside her own heartbreak as an service to her adoring fans. Blige recently underwent a messy divorce with her then-partner Martin “Kendu” Isaacs, a man she claims took her attention to detail for granted.

Today we find ourselves fortunate to find Mary J. Blige on the cusp that flickering flame, on her new single “Only Love.” The record has been produced by veteran duo Pop & Oak under the reflective glare a Disco Ball, where Mary first struck a pose in Junior High. 

Quotable Lyrics:

Only love
It will build you up.
Break you down.
Only love
I will sacrifice
For your heart I’ll fight

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