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SOB X RBE Join Detroit's BandGang On "Ain't No Problem"

Bandgang clears the path for a Motown/Cali exchange.

Detroit’s BandGang mapped the 4 hour flight between California and their home state by taking into account the North Bay region San Francisco. Vallejo’s SOB x RBE find it easy to weed ’em out, the genuine articles among us, with the ardor another Cali hopeful Shred Gang Monetotally caged in from a lesser vantage point.

BandGang gains control the narrative on “Ain’t No Problem.” Their “don’t ask don’t tell” rule conduct hits a certain level common interest among their guests. SOB x RBE certainly give f the impression that buck shots are no part their exit strategy. As one the few commercially ble acts gaining traction within the general context hip hop, SOB x RBE add an air legitimacy to BandGang’s assertion “reality rap.” They also gain credence through association with Sac Town veteran Mozzy and Bay Area legend Philthy Rich, the latter which possesses nearly 50 mixtapes worth perusal.

Quotable Lyrics:

I been spending big money
Legendary, big money
10 bands choosing fee
B**** can’t get shit from me
Runnin’ up that bag
I don’t want it unless there’s a stick on it.

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