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No Objections, Your Honor: Yvonne Orji Explains Molly’s #InsecureHBO Finale Moment With Quentin

Were you watching??? Yvonne Orji And Lil Rel Speak On The “Insecure” Season Finale During last night’s “Insecure” season 2 finale viewers saw the moment that Molly finally gave in and gave a good unmarried] guy a chance. ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** After Quentin came from Chicago to visit Molly and helped her land her an interview

Exclusive: Reggie Bush’s Alleged Baby Mama Livid Over Him Flaunting Happy Family

Monique Exposito Reportedly Jealous & Upset At Reggie Bush For Moving On The Miami cocktail waitress who allegedly gave birth to Reggie Bush’s love child reportedly hit the ro over the weekend after the baller posted a flurry family pics online. Monique Exposito is pissed because she can’t believe that Bush has effectively abandoned her

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