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Elvis, The Beatles 'Ed Sullivan Show' performances upgraded to HD

All six titles are available for pre-order From 1948 to 1971, TV’s longest-running prime time variety program, CBS’ The Ed Sullivan Show, beamed the world’s biggest stars into the homes nearly every American household live every Sunday evening. For musicians all stripes, performing on the show was the pinnacle television opportunities, with singular star-making potential.

Samantha Harvey introduced to US audiences

U.K. Artist’s YouTube Views Near 120 Million Capitol Records is introducing breakout U.K. artist Samantha Harvey to U.S. audiences with the five-track EP Please. The collection, now available, showcases the 24-year-old’s remarkable range and heartfelt delivery. On the title track, produced by Red Triangle (James Arthur, Charlie Puth), Harvey achingly captures post-breakup regret. The sting

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