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New Music: @TrillSkrizzy ft. @Troopnastyy – “The Weekend”

Skrizzy (FKA Young Scrap) unloads his latest radio-ready cut “The Weekend” featuring BYI recording artist Troopnastyy. The DJ Mustard affiliate handles the party starting single’s chorus and first verse, while Troopnasty tackles the second verse in Spanish, adding some Latin spice to the already polished production.

Eminem’s Battle Cry: “We F!*#ing Hate Trump”

BETNetworks YouTube Since the election Donald Trump, political pundits and generally decent people everywhere continue to grapple with exactly who voted for—and continue to support—the worst president in modern history. Despite the missteps; daily chaos, erratic tweets fired f at 3 a.m., man-child temper tantrums and his overall propensity to repeatedly damn himself into the

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