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Sacha Baron Cohen Teases Epic Political Trolling In "Who Is America" Segment

Actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has been teasing his new series with Showtime for almost two weeks now. On July 4th, Cohen took to social media to tease the project with footage featuring Donald Trump. The footage, which was recorded when Cohen was filming The Dictator, featured Trump making disparaging comments about the comedian. “He ought to

George Lopez Pretends To Urinate On Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

There aren’t many vocal Donald Trump fans in Hollywood. Conservative media likes to label it as “Liberal Hollywood,” and they aren’t incorrect. Many Hollywood’s biggest names are opposers the current president, and they have made it known. It is almost impossible to watch an award show without catching a joke aimed at Trump. The same goes

Pusha T Says Kanye West's MAGA Hat Is "This Generation’s Ku Klux Hood"

Pusha T is similar to his business partner, Kanye West, in the sense that he isn’t afraid telling people what’s on his mind while being explicit about his perspective. However, the former Clipse rapper seems to hold nuance closer to heart than Yeezy does. When talking about his disagreement with parts Kanye’s “free thought,” Pusha

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