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Canada Set To Legalize Weed Today: Report

Canada is leading the G7 countries and is set to become the first the US, Japan, Germany, U.K., France, and Italy to legalize marijuana nationwide. It will also be the first G20 state (an international forum for a global economic partnership that consists 19 countries and the EU) to legalize marijuana as well. According to The Independent, the Canadian Senate

Kanye West's Changing Relationship With Art

As a twenty-something male immigrant, listening to a Kanye West album nowadays feels like checking in with my mom on her way home from work. I love her to death. I’m unfathomably in debt to the foundation her and my father have provided, and, most importantly, I’ll always answer when she calls. Still, nowadays, we’re

Sam Hunt releases 'Downtown's Dead'

Song has been serviced to country radio Sam Hunt releases his brand new single, “Downtown’s Dead.” Dropping hints on his socials all day Tuesday (May 15th), Hunt’s new song, co-written by Hunt with Zach Crowell, Josh Osborne, Shane McAnally and Charlie Handsome, is now available digitally and at country radio. “Downtown’s Dead” is the first

Ralo Accused Of Selling Drugs From Jail

Yesterday, a federal judge turned down Ralo's second attempt at bail. He denied Ralo's bond on four federal counts possession with intent to distribute marijuana because he believes Ralo is still selling drugs from jail. Ralo has been accused being the head the Famerica gang and moving at least two million dollars worth weed from

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